Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is the first form of defence against fire; it is a portable device which can contain a mixture of chemicals, water, powder or a gas. Different fire extinguishers have different uses, for different types of fire. If you have Fire extinguishers, they require regular maintenance, to make sure, should the worst happen, they will operate correctly; this would enable you to tackle small fires on your premises, and possibly stop a small controllable fire from spreading throughout your site, and reduce the costs of lost time and extra expenses that result from Fire damage. Also if a Fire insurance claim were to be made, if extinguishers were not maintained and/or didn’t perform correctly, this could invalidate your insurance. It is also the responsibility of your Health and safety representative to ensure installed fire protection equipment is maintained. Firesharp Engineering can supply and install many different types of fire extinguishers, giving you the correct type of extinguisher for the type of fire you are most likely to have. With our BAFE trained engineers, you can rest assured that your Fire extinguishers are in perfect working order. You will receive a certificate.

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