Fire Alarms

A fire alarm consists of a control panel, which acts as the brains of the system, it monitors the rest of the system for faults, and fire signals, it also has a battery backup in cases of power failure. Also the system could have any number of manual call points, (break glass) and a range of detection.

If your fire alarm is not regularly maintained, it can result in false alarms, and fault conditions, which don’t always become apparent, batteries, could fail, detectors become filled with dust or debris and not work correctly. If you don’t have a regular maintenance program, then you could fail your fire risk assessment, and it is the responsibility for the designated health and safety representative to make sure fire protection equipment is maintained and in full working order. (The Regulatory Reform Order (2005) Fire Safety Order) and records kept of its maintenance. Also if you were to have a fire on your premises, you could also jeopardise a claim on any fire insurance linked to your fire alarm.
Firesharp Engineering can Design, install and commission your new Fire alarm system, or otherwise we can service your existing Fire alarm system, even if we didn’t install it. We will make sure your Fire alarm system complies to BS5839, With our experienced and highly trained (FIA and BFPSA) fire alarm engineers. We can also train you how to use your fire alarm, and how to perform your weekly test, which is recommended under BS5839. Emergency lighting can also be serviced at the same time in accordance with BS 5266.

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